1. Do not try to open the watchcase or dismantle it.
  2. Please avoid violent collisions in daily life and take off the watch while doing vigorous exercise, which could create a shock to inside movement and cause the watch to stop working properly.
  3. Don’t adjust the calendar between 9:00pm-3:00am, when the spare parts of the watch would turn along with the calendar. Too quick adjustment may damage the wheel of the watch and reduce the service life of the watch.
  4. For watch with rotating crown, when adjusting time, please anticlockwise rotate the crown before pulling it, do not pull it directly. When finish adjusting, please push it back clockwise so that it can well prevent the water from entering the watch.
  5. For watch with calendar, when adjusting date, please set the date one day in advance first, after that adjust to the date you want by turning the hour hand. It can avoid mixing up day and night if not adjust the calendar directly.
  6. Quartz watches are powered by batteries inside which will inevitably have to be replaced over a period of time. Many quartz watches have simple battery indicators to inform you when the battery power is starting to fade. These indicators include the sweeping second hand skipping several seconds at a time, moving back and forth in the same spot or being completely stopped altogether. When your watch battery does need to be replaced, please have it replaced at a repair or service center authorized by Naviforce watch.
  7. Watch bands may require more attention since they directly touch the skin and could easily become soiled from perspiration and dust, theyshould be cleaned 

For metal band, please use a soft toothbrush to remove the stains, for heavy stains it is highly recommended to apply a mild soap or detergent mixed with water to clean them.

For leather strap, apply some leather oil on the surface of the leather is a good way to protect it. It is best to avoid wearing a leather strap watch while in the shower, swimming and performing water related everyday activities. If the strap get wet, gently rubbing it with a small dry cloth immediately. Also place your leather strap watch in a well ventilated room to allow the strap to stay dry and do not direct contact with sunlight to avoid fading and discoloration.

  1. Please do not make the watch too tight for your hand. It is more appropriate if leaves around one finger’s space between the wrist and the watch.
  2. The interference of strong electrostatic charge may lead to the failure of the display screen to act normally and even damage the accessories inside the watch.
  3. If there is moisture appear inside the watch, please have it checked by the authorized distributors or NAVIFORCE watch agents immediately.
  4. The electroplated layer of the watch may fade because of strong collision, fretting, friction, etc.
  5. Avoid exposing the watch to gasoline, cleaning solvents, adhesive agents, paint, or aerosol sprays, which may damage the sealing ring, the watchcase and the surface of the watch. If the watch has contacted the above articles, please clean it with water immediately.
  6. Use a soft and dry cloth daily to wipe off moisture, sweat and dirt has accumulatedon the case, case back and watch band to avoid corrosion and maintain the durability of the case, case back and band.
  7. The waterproof rubber sealing ring is designed to prevent the water and dust from entering the watch, it would be better to replace it every two or three years.
  8. Interference of electrostatic charge may lead to winding patterns on the display screen which won’t influence the functions of the watch.


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