Are you the brand owner of NAVIFORCE?

Yes, we are the brand owner of NAVIFORCE. And we are the official of NAVIFORCE.


Does your company have factory?

Yes , we are original factory and the official factory of NAVIFORCE.


What movement does NAVIFORCE watch use? 

Almost all of NAVIFORCE watches use original Japan movement from Seiko Instruments Inc .Some limited edition maybe use Japan Citizen movement.


Is NAVIFORCE watch mechanical watch?

No, it isn’t. Our products are quartz watches, others are quartz electronic watches,maybe we will do mechanical watch in future.


Are the watches waterproof?

Yes, all of NAVIFORCE watches are 3ATM/30M waterproof. This means that the watch is safe when you wash your hands wearing it, but it is not suitable for showering and swimming. It is recommended to avoid water when wearing it.


Do your digital watches have a 24 hour mode?

Yes, our digital watches have 12/24 hour for selection, you can set it in the way you like.


What is the materials of the watch?

The material of the case is alloy. The material of strap includes stainless steel, genuine leather, PU and nylon.


Does your watch have plating?

Yes, it uses vacuum plating.


How many styles does your watch have?

NAVIFORCE watches have sport & casual & fashion & multifunction styles.


Is it a man watch or a woman watch?

It is the man watch. But we are planning to make woman-style watch too.


What type of battery does your watch use?

The battery of each of our watches is original Japan battery. Please note that we do not recommend that you replace the battery by yourself because you may damage the watch without the proper tools. Visit your local watch store, they know how to do that.  


How do I keep my strap clean?

Please note that when cleaning any of our straps it is a good idea to detach the strap from the case to avoid damaging it. NAVIFORCE Watches’ leather straps are made from soft animal leather; they are tanned and colored using natural vegetable dyes. Over time, they will develop a natural patina, including marks and stains, which adds character with age. Because of the porous nature of leather, contacting with water or solvents should be avoided. It is also vulnerable to dirt, grease, smoke and other environmental toxins. If it is necessary to clean, use a damp cloth to rub both sides of the strap carefully, try using a leather saddle soap if it is in need of a deep cleaning. Allow strap to dry fully before wearing it again.

For our Nylon straps cleaning is a bit simpler. Fill a bowl with warm water and a tiny bit of laundry detergent. Place the strap (case removed) in the bowl and allow it to soak for a few hours. Then gently squeeze to remove any excess water and allow the strap to dry over night.


What is covered under Warranty ?

Your watch carries a 1 year warranty against any defect of manufacturing. Battery, glasses ,strap ,stone are not included. The warranty is no valid in case of accident our undue opening. Every watch has his international guarantee card.


What is the procedure/cost of repairing a watch if the warranty is expired ?

The cost depends on what needs to be done. Please contact us directly at for additional information and a quote on the repair.


I have accidentally dropped my watch and damaged the glass covering the dial. Is it possible to replace?

Our watches can be repaired for a fee. Please contact for more information.


How to make order ?

After you select the model and color, you type it into excel and contact for more information.


How much is shipping for my order?

The cost of shipping is depend on weight & CBM and will be quoted during checkout.


How long does shipping normally take?

It takes between 1-3 days to process each order. Once processed, a shipping confirmation email will be sent out along with a tracking reference number.


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