Why Unisex Watches Are on the Rise?

Why Unisex Watches Are on the Rise?

What is a unisex watch?

The term "Unisex" is composed of two words: "uni-" and "-sex". "Uni-" means "one" or "single", while "-sex" refers to "gender". Therefore, the literal meaning of "unisex" is "one gender" or "single gender".


So, unisex watches are best described as watches designed to be suitable for both sexes in order to make men and women look similar. The term "unisex" was first used in 1968 in Life, an American magazine that ran weekly from 1883 to 1972.


3 Reasons for Unisex Watches


  • Gender-Free Fashion Trends


In our rapidly evolving society, the traditional differences between men's and women's fashion are gradually disappearing. Neutral dressing trends, such as "boyfriend style" and "gender-neutral fashion," are quickly gaining popularity. Against the backdrop of this fashion revolution, unisex watches have not only become a fashion trend but also cleverly blend the strengths and elegance of both genders.

chanel unisex

They reflect society's reconsideration of gender roles and identities, as well as people's desire for individual expression and uniqueness. The emergence of unisex watches provides us with a more diverse and enriched range of choices, allowing everyone to find a means of self-expression that suits their style. It has become a trend in the fashion industry.


  • Watch Sizes No Longer Gender-Associated


In the traditional context, watch sizes were often associated with gender, as women's wrists were generally considered smaller. Consequently, the diameters of women's watches were typically restricted to the range of 22 to 32 millimeters. However, with the evolution of time and changing aesthetic perspectives, societal acceptance of diverse watch sizes has increased.

nf7101 unisex

Today, an increasing number of women appreciate slightly larger watch dials, finding that they not only blend well with classic designs but also offer versatile practicality. Simultaneously, many men prefer slightly smaller, lightweight, and comfortable watch dials.

Amidst this wave of change, watch sizes are gradually breaking free from gender constraints, giving rise to gender-neutral watches. This development allows both men and women to enjoy watches with moderately sized dimensions. In terms of design, gender-neutral watches lean towards a more neutral aesthetic, avoiding excessive emphasis on either masculine or feminine features. This approach enhances their universality. Such designs are not only practical and versatile but also comfortable and inclusive in this era of transformation.


  • Women's Quest for Watch Performance


Although watches were initially inspired by women's bracelets, historically, watches have often been regarded as luxurious accessories exclusive to men. Even later on, when women began to see watches as part of jewelry adorned with gemstones, their timekeeping functionality did not become a primary focus.


With the increasing status of women in society and their gradual entry into the workforce, there has been a shift in the demand for watches among women. More and more women seek watches with outstanding performance, precise timekeeping functions, and unique designs. Major brands of women's watches are gradually seeking inspiration from men's watches, reflecting the trend towards gender-neutral watches.


In conclusion, "Men can be beautiful, women can be cool, the most important is to be you". The boundaries of what you should wear based on whether you are 'male' or 'female' are disappearing, and it is more about expressing who you are through your attire. What suits you is good, regardless of gender. Therefore, the design of unisex watches is not only a win-win for brands and consumers but also emphasizes the aesthetic transition of "inclusiveness" and "diversity," making it a trend for the future.

What is the Naviforce provided?


If you're looking to don a watch without a defined gender identity, consider the Naviforce 7 series


NF7101 - Square, Advanced Personality

 naviforce 7101 unisex

NF7101 Featuring a 41mm minimalist and stylish digital dial, ensuring a clear and intuitive time-reading experience. The geometrically high-definition transparent acrylic case, coupled with the curved back cover, perfectly conforms to the curve of the wrist. With night mode and LED lighting, it excels in the dark, and the lightweight silicone strap ensures comfort throughout the day. This unisex watch comes in 6 different colors, allowing you to match it perfectly with your wardrobe.

 naviforce7101 collection

NF7102 - Barrel-shaped Vibrant Creativity

 NF7102 - Barrel-shaped Vibrant Creativity

The Naviforce NF7102 is a vibrant and gender-neutral electronic sports watch, featuring a distinctive barrel-shaped design available in 6 lively colors to express your personal style. With a sleek 35mm streamlined textured silhouette, it elegantly decorates the contours of your wrist. and youthful colors Additionally, it features an alarm, hourly chime, and countdown function, making it your fashionable and multifunctional time companion.


If you are interested in the 7 series or other products, whether for personal purchase or wholesale cooperation, feel free to reach out to us for detailed information on product specifications, style choices, and pricing. Thank you for choosing Naviforce, where we strive together for an exceptional experience in fashion and quality.

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